2016 Citizen Miyano BNE-51 MSY, used Turning Centres

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CNC Lathe

Mitsubishi M720 V control

Maximum Machining Diameter of Bar Work:

SP1 ø51mm

SP2 ø51mm

Maximum machining length 90mm

Type of Turret    

HD1    12St.Turret

HD2    12St.Turret

Slide Stroke    

 - HD1    X1 axis    195mm

    Z1 axis    380mm

    Y1 axis    80(±40) mm

 - HD2    X2 axis    195mm

    Z2 axis    175mm

    SP2    X3 axis    155mm

    Z3 axis    450mm

Shank Height of Square Turning Tool □20mm

Tool hole diameter ø25mm

Maximum Number of Rotary Tools    

 HD1 12

 HD2 12

Main spindle speed range SP1 & SP2 5,000 rpm

Spindle motor    

 SP1    15/11kW

 SP2    7.5/5.5kW

Rotary Tool Motor    5.0kw 28Nm

Machine Height        2,050mm

Floor Space        2,725×2,159mm

Machine Weight        8,000kg

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2016 Citizen Miyano BNE-51 MSY

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