2010 Makino D 500, used 5 Axis Machines

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5-Axis Machining Centre


Fanuc Professional 5

X/Y/Z 550/1000/500

A-axis +30° / -120°

C-axis 360° (continuous rotation) / rotary encoder

Rapids X/Y/Z 48/50/50 m/min

Feedrate X 1 - 32000 mm/min

Feedrate Y/Z: 1 - 40000/40000 mm/min

Feedrate A/C 1 - 18000 mm/min

Rotary table ø 500 mm

Max workpiece size 650 x 500 mm 

Max workpiece wight 350 kf

T-slots 4 x 18H8

Spindle speeds ~ 20000 rpm

ATC 197 (Matrix type)


Max tool ø 70 mm

WIth adjacent free pocket 140 mm

Max tool length 300 mm

Max tool weight 8 kg

Through spindle coolant

Air through the spindle

8 coolant nozzles outside

Air nozzle outside

Coolant shower


Erowa interface (commonly used for A / L type, CE specification) MML interface

Parameterization as type EROWA L

Large door for Erowa / System 3R

* * * Erowa system not included but available separately* * * 

Chip conveyor with coolant filtration H850 volume 900 liters

Automatic non-contact tool measuring device

Automatic workpiece measuring device (MARPOSS)

Portable manual pulser with tool position indicator and handle release button

Helix interpolation (2 + 2 axes)

Additional part program memory (total): 640m

Additional registered program number (total): 500

Memory expansion function for data center type B (total: 800 MB)

Fast Ethernet board (including Ethernet function)

Additional optional blocks skip (total): 9 blocks

Common variable for custom macros 600

Electronic handwheel

Manual set MAKINO

Synchronized tapping

100 user macros

3-D tool compensation

Smooth TCP

Super GI.4 Control

Coordinate system rotation

Swivel work plane



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